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Grading Dilemma

Grading Dilemma

Refurbished mobiles have gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years as more and more savvy customers recognise the opportunity of owning the latest tech at greatly reduced prices.

However, with refurbished products, customers need to take some care to ensure they are buying what they think they are buying, particularly when considering and comparing cosmetic standards.

Every business that’s sells secondhand mobile phones normally provide some form of grading guide. The purpose of the grading guide is illustrate the cosmetic condition of the device, with “new” as the starting point.

However a cosmetic condition described by one business can mean something completely different to another. Currently, there is no standard industry definition for what each grade means. This results in a variation of how cosmetic standards are described which can lead to confusion and disappointment for the customer.

We at Relove, believe in full transparency and honesty. We want our customers to be delighted in what they receive from us,  a higher standard than what has been promised. We want our customers to believe what we say and that buying secondhand / preowned / refurbished is the right choice to make!

That’s why in addition to our grading guide, on our website, each mobile’s cosmetic condition is described in full including the condition of the battery where possible.

Buying refurbished should not mean buying second best and that’s why we always want to ensure that our customers trust what we say and have 100% confidence in what they buy from us.

  • Everything we sell, we 100% quality check for both technical performance and cosmetic condition to ensure it is perfect working order.

  • Each device is data wiped to the latest industry standards to ensure all personal data has been removed and cannot be retrieved.

  • We also check the device against Insurance and Police databases to ensure there are no outstanding insurance claims against it or it has been registered stolen.

  • Each visible side of the device is inspected and recorded. Our results are then presented to the customer. This is why each mobile we sell is listed seperately and not grouped together where grading definitions can be become blurred.

  • We are also introducing photographs for each cosmetic flaw we find on each mobile, so customers can see for themselves exactly what they are buying.

  • To simplify this, we have written our own guide explaining how we categorize our own products as illustrated here

We know buying a new mobile is a big decision and so buying secondhand / refurbished is even bigger. But the upsides outweigh the risk. Not only is the customer getting an awesome mobile device for a greatly reduced price but they are also playing their part in reducing e-waste and kicking the habit of buying new. But that’s another story for later!

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